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Meet the Miracle Oil that Transformed my Complexion, Overnight

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Last month, Hugh & Grace launched the Renewing Night Serum.   

If you’ve already purchased this little bottle of magic, then you may have noticed that the serum is blue.  But do you know why? 

Our Renewing Night Serum is powered by Blue Tansy Oil.  Among many other truly incredible and high-performing ingredients, Blue Tansy Oil takes our Night Serum to the next level.  It’s also the culprit behind the alluring, jewel-toned, blue color of the serum. 

With an abundance of skincare products on the market touted as easy, breezy, supernatural, anomalies that can turn you into J-Lo overnight, it’s easy to be a skincare skeptic: We get it!  

But as your resident experts focused on helping to reduce chemical exposure, we 100% approve of Blue Tansy Oil.    

You deserve to have access to power-packed, luxurious products that you can feel good about using.  And trust me, the Renewing Night Serum delivers.  

We want you to get to know the ingredient that powers our newest, buzz-worthy night serum, so we’ve set up a speed-dating round to get to know Blue Tansy, that is sure to leave you head over heels for this little flower. 

Q: Wait… did she just say flower? 


Blue Tansy Oil Comes from the Blue Tansy Flower 

Blue Tansy Oil is distilled from a North African flower, called the Blue Tansy Flower.  This marigold-tinted, tiny, round blossom was originally a wild-harvested Mediterranean plant.  It is now used in many skincare products and to make essential oils. 

Q: Wait, a second … Where did you say you were from again? 

The Blue Tansy Flower is Grown in Morocco 

The Blue Tansy flower is now cultivated mainly in Morocco. It is also referred to as Moroccan Tansy.   

Q: Okay… tell me about your family.

It’s Part of the Chamomile Family 

The Blue Tansy is genetically very similar to chamomile and shares many of the same calming qualities of its sister-plant.  When applied topically, Blue Tansy Oil works as an anti-inflammatory, which helps to even skin tone, soothe irritation, and hydrate the skin. 

Q: What’s your favorite color? 

Blue Tansy Oil has an Aquamarine Tint 

A lot of times we think that something must be synthetic in order to produce color, but it’s during the distillation process that the oil takes on its eponymous blue tint.  

The above-ground flowers and stems of the Blue Tansy plant are gathered and steam-distilled.  In the distillation process, one of the chemical components of the oil, chamazulene, is released.  When heated, chamazulene turns deep blue, giving the oil it’s sapphire-like hue.   

Q: So, what do you do? 

Blue Tansy Oil has Major Skincare Benefits 

Blue Tansy Oil is an antibacterial, antihistamine, and general anti-inflammatory, that helps to calm and soothe dry, irritated skin. 

Blue Tansy Oil is also wonderfully moisturizing, which helps with dry skin and with breakout-prone skin left stripped or raw by products that are too harsh.  It’s especially helpful for people who struggle with sensitive, always-angry, and itchy skin because of the soothing properties which come from chamazulene, a compound that has antioxidant activity. 

In our Renewing Night Serum, Blue Tansy Oil will help your skin look and feel repaired and renewed, while you sleep.  It helps slow the appearance of aging, helps strengthen the skin barrier, provides nutrients to help stimulate collagen production, and evens skin tone.  The result is skin that looks soft, supple, and clear.  

With consistent application, you will see a huge difference in your skin tone and texture.   

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Blue Tansy is Typically Applied at Night 

The relaxing properties of the oil lend themselves well to winding down at the end of the day.  When using a Blue Tansy infused serum, the blue tint doesn’t show up once applied.  However, some masks contain Blue Tansy, and they are blue when applied.   

Most products that contain Blue Tansy are specifically for nighttime use, and we recommend waiting until the evening to apply our Renewing Night Serum. 

Q: What are some accomplishments that you are proud of? 

It’s Already in Your Favorite Products 

Blue Tansy Oil is often used by many lush skincare brands, and you can probably find it on the shelf at your favorite beauty shop.   

The Renewing Night Serum with Blue Tansy Oil is lush, but it’s also hormone-safe.  

“Hormone-safe” means to be protected from, and/or not exposed to, any interference of our natural hormone (also known as endocrine) system.  This is really important, because the benefits of Blue Tansy could be outweighed out by other toxins in the ingredients of products.   

When you shop at Hugh & Grace, you can always guarantee that every product is free of EDCs and other harmful toxins.  Swap your current Night Serum for the Hugh & Grace Renewing Night Serum for beautiful skin without adding more toxins to your chemical body load.

Q: If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be? 

[It’s] Anti-Anxiety for Your Skin 

The scent of Blue Tansy Oil also provides an aromatherapeutic benefit.  It has strong antioxidant properties and is highly anti-inflammatory, so it works the same way that most chamomiles work in the body.  

It relaxes the nervous system, and it is very aromatic, helping to regulate hormones in the endocrine system.  When our endocrine system is out of whack, it causes oxidized stress within the body, which then starts the inflammatory response within the body. 

Inhale slowly while you massage the product into your cleansed skin, and enjoy being pulled into the herbaceous, earthy, and faintly sweet world of Blue Tansy.  Feel the tension and stress from your day slowly vanish, leaving you with a clear mind and clear skin.  

Seriously – It’s what I imagine a Beyoncé approved spa would smell like.  

Have you fallen in love yet? 

Whether your skin is breakout-prone, dry, sensitive, or chronically dull, the Renewing Night Serum with Blue Tansy Oil can make a huge difference.  It smells like heaven and helps to nourish, soften, and soothe as it melts into your skin overnight, leaving all skin types more balanced, hydrated, and noticeably glowy. 

If you haven’t picked yours up yet, head to to shop this bottle of pure lusciousness.  You won’t be disappointed!  

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